Networking – Network Certification


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Table of Content

  1. Vendor Certification
  2. Vendor-Neutral Certification


  1. Choosing Network Certification

Vendor Certification

Certification held by vendor to measure skills and knowledge in networking using corresponding vendor’s gears. However for several competence it is not always for certain vendor only. Some people or organization might searching for particular certification as a general qualification.

Related to Network Gear

  1. Cisco
  2. Huawei
  3. Juniper
  4. MikroTik

Related to Server

  1. Microsoft
  2. Oracle

Vendor-Neutral Certification

As implied by name, it is vendor-neutral certification. Thus, the certification is not specific to vendor gear or product. The certification might certify for something much generic and broader topic in networking.

  1. CompTIA
  2. Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  3. SNIA Storage Network Certification Program