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Cisco Networking Academy is official name for network certification held by Cisco. The certification can be divided to CCNA, CCNP, CCIE. This page will cover both Cisco Networking Academy in general and also the certification in detail. This page is also discussing some topic regarding tools, tips, and tricks.

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Table of Content

  1. Tools
  2. CCNA
  3. CCNP
  4. CCIE


  1. Preparing for Cisco Certification
  2. Cisco IOS Image Legal Notices


  1. Installing Packet Tracer for Slackware
  2. Installing Packet Tracer on Linux (Deb/RPM/Pacman)
  3. Emulating Cisco IOS using Dynamips and Dynagen
  4. Emulating Cisco IOS using GNS3

Cisco Certified Networking Associate

Abbreviated as CCNA. This is the entry level of Cisco Networking Academy which cover Cisco product in broad or generic term.


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Cisco Certified Networking Professional

Abbreviated as CCNP. The next to CCNA. You can pick CCNP after CCNA or you can skip it and then pick CCIE. It is doable.


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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Abbreviated as CCIE. The highest level of Cisco Networking Academy. There are various specialization in this certification such as Routing&Switch, Security, Data Center, etc.


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