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Microsoft is one of big player in software. Their products are used globally and still popular even though some competitors are challenging. Microsoft has IT certification which certify one in various certification: MCP, MCSE, MCSD.

This page will cover both curriculum in general and also the certification in detail. This page is also discussing some topic regarding tools, tips, and tricks.

This page is a metapage. It means deeper and more focused article will be written in other place and their entry will be indexed here. Browse following catalog to search what you want.

Table of Content

  1. Tools
  2. MCP
  3. MCSE
  4. MCSD


  1. Preparing for Microsoft Certification


Microsoft Certified Professional

The entry level for Microsoft Certification. To advance one should pass this certification.


Sample Problems

Microsoft Certified Solution Expert

Abbreviated as MCSE.


Sample Problems

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Abbreviated as MCSD


Sample Problems