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Directory Access Protocol is a member of Directory Service family. In computing, Directory Service or Name Service maps the names of network resources to their respective network addresses.  It is a shared infrastructure for locating, managing, administering, and organizing everyday items and network resources. This would be including volumes, folders, files, users, groups, devices, telephone numbers, and other objects.

Directory Access Protocol or formally known as x500 directory service protocol is a protocol for information-retrieval focusing on access speed. The standard is promulgated by ITU-T and ISO In 1988. This protocol might not suitable for periodic update data, but more to be focusing on handling extensive information retrievals.

Technically, the x500 specifies how data stored, organized, and provided in a directory. In software engineering, a directory is a map between names and values. It allows the lookup of values given a name, similar to a dictionary.

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Table of Content


  1. What is LDAP and DAP?
  2. LDAP Schema
  3. LDAP Object Class
  4. LDAP Attributes


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