Operating System – Android


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Table of Content

  1. Smartphone & Tablet
  2. PC (Android x86)
  3. Wearable
  4. Android Development


  1. Introduction to Android OS
  2. Brief Explanation of Android Architecture
  3. Quick View to Dalvik VM
  4. Quick View to Android APK Structure

Smartphone & Tablet



  1. Turn Android Smartphone into IP Webcam


PC (Android x86)


  1. Android x86 Version 4.0 on VirtualBox
  2. Android x86 Version 4.0 on VMWare




Android Development

This section might be moved under Programming.


  1. Introduction to Android and Android Application Development
  2. Create Development Environment [ Ubuntu | Slackware | Windows ]
  3. Debugging Android Applications
  4. ADB Tutorial
  5. Common Android Development Problems + Solution

Basic Tutorials

  1. Application and Activity Life Cycle
  2. Android Intents
  3. Android Logging
  4. Android Dialogs

Using Fragments and the ActionBar

  1. Fragments in Android
  2. Action Bar in Android

File Processing

Learn how to process files, handle network requests and do asynchronous processing.

  1. Android SQLite database
  2. Android XML Processing with XmlPullParser
  3. Android Persistence with Preference and Files
  4. Android HTTP Access
  5. Android Background Processing with Handlers and AsyncTask and Loaders
  6. Android JSON

Advanced User Interface Development

  1. Styles and Themes
  2. Custom and Compund Views
  3. Android Animations

Services, BroadcastReceiver, NotificationManager

  1. Android Service
  2. Android BroadcastReceiver
  3. Android Notifications
  4. Android Data Backup

Location API and Google MAPS

  1. Android Location API
  2. Google Maps Android API v2

Sensors and Touch

  1. Camera API
  2. Sensors
  3. Handling Single and Multi Touch
  4. Gestures

Android Library

  1. Androis Library Projects
  2. Useful Android Libraries

Testing and Tools

  1. Application Testing with Android Test Framework
  2. User Interface Testing with Robotium
  3. Application Performance Analysis Tools

Android Builds

Android testing, building and performance analyze of existing applications.

  1. Building Android applications with Gradle
  2. Using the Android Debug Bridge (adb)
  3. Building Android Apps with Apache Maven

Special Topics

  1. Handling Media with Android
  2. Android Source Code
  3. Android Internals
  4. Android Cloud to Devie Messaging (C2DM)